Tortuga Skull & Crossbones Beaded Bracelet with Charm ELE

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Extremely Limited Edition (ELE)

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Ahhh Tortuga! From Captain Jack Sparrow to the Black Swan, Tortuga was the center of the world for the pirates of the Caribbean, and home to the Brethren of the Coast. The Brethren were a loose syndicate of captains with letters of marque with the most famous being the Welshman Henry Morgan.

It is said that Captain Red was spotted in Tortuga shortly after his removal from the Brethren Court, a similar coalition of captains to the ones from Tortuga. One story states that Captain Red "entered Tortuga after his voyage to the Mediterranean which caused his dismissal from the Court."

This presents Legend Cove's first foray into jewelry and we are pleased to offer this to you as an Extremely Limited Edition (ELE).