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Your Resort: The Mayan Palace Mazatlan


The notorious Sir Francis Drake once sailed these waters in the 16th century attacking the Spanish galleons leaving the natural seaport of Mazatlan. Laden with gold and silver from the nearby Sierra Madre Mountains, the galleons were enticing to the pirates. Legend has it gold and silver are still buried on the islands of Mazatlan.

Today, you will certainly love your 5-night stay in a realm that combines sun and beach with the architectural richness of historic, downtown Mazatlan. The beauty of its natural attractions to the paradise beaches to the culture of the locals makes this a must-see locale. And the weather -- ahh, the weather is pristine.

 Experience the historical wealth of Mazatlan.

Discover the cultural wealth of Cosala.

Discover the engravings of Las Labradas.

Relax in the tranquility of Chametla.

Simply breathe in the splendor of Mazatlan.


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