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Club LC



Don't miss out on this chance to grab some pirate treasure with this Special Offer from Legend Cove. We only have a limited number of these we can offer so don't delay and join today!

For only $144 you will receive the following:

* 5-Night Vacation Getaway to one of four, beautiful, enchanting, luxury resorts in Mexico, where pirates once roamed. You can choose Cancun, Mazatlan, or Puerto Vallarta! (VALUE: $1500.00) -- And, you have 18 months before you have to travel giving you plenty of time to plan your trip!

* Two Legend Cove Logo Tees

* One-year membership to the Kevin-John Insider Club that opens you up to huge savings throughout the year and engaging fun. Membership in the KJ87 Insider Club includes:

* 25% off of Legend Cove apparel and fine art with your own special Insider code. It also includes 25% off of any Kevin-John art.

* 10% off of Legend Cove Organic Coffee

*  50% off of Meet-N-Dines with the Disney Master Artist himself

* Exclusive art-buying opportunities not available to others

* Monthly online hangouts with Kevin-John where he shares inside information about Legend Cove, Disney, and Kevin-John Studios, along with tips and tricks for aspiring artists and entrepreneurs

* Special, members-only Insider Facebook Group so you can stay up-to-date with Legend Cove, Disney, and Kevin-John

* Members-only events and surprises throughout the year (just recently all KJ87 members received a special, signed concept sketch of the Haunted Mansion Bride not available to others)

* Insider-pricing on any commissioned art from Kevin-John

* Monthly newsletter, The Palette

* And more

* See the FAQs below, or email us at info@legendcove.com with any questions


Cancun Mazatlan Puerto Vallarta Puerto Penasco


1. What does it cost to participate?

Answer: Membership is $144.00. The 5-day Getaway is free lodging except for a per night charge of $19.70 resort tax. (Airfare, extra activities and meals not included) Overall value is $1500.

2. How do I receive my 5-day Getaway?

Answer: Once your purchase the Club LC Membership package, within 3 business days, you will receive an email from our travel partner. This email will provide you instructions on how to claim your getaway. You do so by calling the phone number provided within 7 days of receiving your email to simply say you want to claim your offer by providing them your unique code. You then have up to 18 months to actually travel to your destination of choice which gives you time to plan.

3. Can I purchase more than one membership?

Answer: Yes. However, the 5-day Getaway is limited to one per family. It is also a one-time offer per family.

4. Are there any other costs associated with the Getaway besides the taxes?

Answer: Air travel, extra activities, and food are not included. 

5. Do I have to sit through any presentations or commit to anything with the Getaway?

Answer: No, there are no presentations you have to sit through nor will you be asked to sit through any. This is NOT a timeshare arrangement. You simply claim your Getaway then plan when you want to travel. Once there, you get to enjoy your time without any pressure to buy anything else.

6. Can I purchase this as a gift for someone?

Answer: Absolutely! All you have to do is let us know when purchasing your package and we will make arrangements to make sure your recipient(s) receive their membership package and 5-day Getaway offer. After you purchase, simply email us at info@legendcove.com with details and we will work with you to send this as a gift.

7. Do I have to claim the 5-day Getaway within seven days of purchase?

Answer: No. The seven-day window begins once you receive the email with the code. We will send out the Getaway email within 3 Business Days of purchase unless requested otherwise.

8. When do I have to travel?

Answer: Once you claim your Getaway, you have up to 18 months to travel to the resort you have selected. The first step is to simply claim it as yours then you have time to make your plans. 

9. How many Getaways can I have?

Answer: It is one per family. We wish it could be more.

10. What about all of the other rewards, why are you giving those too?

Answer: We believe you will come to love us even more when you spend the next 12 months interacting with us online, learning from our Chief Creative Officer and Disney Master Artist, and taking advantage of the discounts offered to our Insider members.