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"From the Fog," the Story of the Resa Jane

First reports of the Resa Jane surfaced in the late 1600s when a fleet of Spanish vessels sailing the Caribbean Sea reported in their logs of a "ghostly ship with tattered sails 100 yards distant."

"A strange, dark, blue glow surrounded her giving an impression to be a phantom ship and the clouds behind having the appearance of a skull. Through the eyeglass, we could see the RJ upon her flag."

Other eyewitnesses reported seeing the same glow and tattered sails for over the next 40 years, and many recounted seeing the same "RJ" on her flag.

Sharing a similar origin as The Flying Dutchman, tales exist that the Resa Jane happened upon Legend Cove in the midst of a storm and attempted to enter it without permission. As it approached Skull Point the winds overtook her and she vanished in the storm. To this day it is said she still cruises the waters of the Caribbean ever searching for the passage to Legend Cove.

Our LE Framed Giclee and Deluxe Matted Print pays homage to the Resa Jane as she emerges from the fog on her ongoing quest.