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Captain Red Returns from Legend Cove

Reports suggest Captain Red entered Legend Cove in August 1717. Stories passed down from generation to generation say the Captain was the first to enter Legend Cove some 30 years prior to that fateful August, after being exiled by the Order of the Brethren of Pirate Lords.

During that 30 years, the Captain formed the Legend Council or Conclave, where he forged alliances with enemies, creatures of the deep, and other unworldly characters in order to retake or overtake, the Order. And for the ensuing three decades, Captain Red pursued both treasure and the Order. Even pirates the likes of Blackbeard and Captain Kidd "kept a weather's eye on the horizon" watching for the black sails with the distinguishing red mark of the Captain's ship, La Jueza.

Entrance to and exit from the Cove was granted only in certain parts of the year and times of the day. Only those who were allowed in the Cove knew of these dates and times. Stories suggest the Captain used them greatly to his advantage.

Official documents claim the Treasure Coast 1715 fleet departed Havana, Cuba with the intent of returning to Spain from the New World, loaded with treasure, only to run into a hurricane near present-day Vero Beach, Florida. Eleven of the twelve ships were lost due to the storm. 

Unofficial accounts from the survivors claim that, on midnight of July 30th, just prior to the storm's approach, "black sails could be seen by moonlight on the horizon bearing a bright, red mark upon them." 

To this day, only six ships have been found on the bottom of the ocean with very little of the treasure being recovered from the wrecks.

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